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Fuchsia and Indigo Tiger Accent Chair

This chair is a beauty, and it was given as a gift to the owner of a dance studio. Thank you, Hannah! What a great gift.

Emerald Crushed Velvet Wingback Chair

Mary had this chair in her family since she was a child, and had it reupholstered to match her office. It looks great, thank you!

Upcycled Car Seat Accent Chair

This chair was quite the project, and part of a set. It used to be a rusty old car set, but it was transformed into two accent chairs for an office. Thanks, Andy!

St. Cloud Pride Donation Wingback Chair

This chair has a very unique backstory. Long story short, Kalie fell in love with this chair, and purchased it, and the money was donated to St. Cloud Pride. Kalie, you're a kind soul! Thank you!

Blue and Grey Wingback Chair

Diana had this chair made for her new home, and I think it fits in perfectly. Thank you, Diana!

Custom High Back Dining Chairs

This was a set of 4 that went to California. Thank you for adding whimsy to your home!

Custom Build High Back Yellow Accent Chairs

These two chairs were a custom build for Apiary Coworking in downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota. Local supports local!

Faux Cowhide and Turquoise Nailhead Accent Chair

This chair was a custom design for Apiary Coworking Office Space in downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota. Thanks, Jon and Jocelyn!

Lyric Rocking Chair

This chair was a donation for the Tri County Humane Society, and was a part of a silent auction. Thank you to the donor who brought this chair home!

Teal Velvet and Copper Accent Chair

This chair is so unique! Danica is a classy woman, to bring this beauty home. Thanks, Danica!

Canary Yellow Square Chair

How bright and sunny! Thank you, Seal!

Faux Cowhide and Turquoise Accent Chair

Michelle brought this beautiful piece into her waiting room. Great taste, Michelle!

Rose Gold Marble Settee

Brit purchased this piece to match her office. Thank you, Brit!

Art Deco Poppy Wingback Chair

This beautiful chair went to Rosalind in Champlin, Mn. Thank you!

Grandma's Platform Rocker

What a great way to say, "Merry Christmas" to your grandmother, by reupholstering her favorite chair! Thanks, Andre!

Christine's Cheesecake Accent Chair

Never eaten Christine's Cheesecake? You should get to Waite Park, Mn. to get some. Thank you, Christine, for bringing this chair into your shop!

Minnesota Vikings Theme Wingback Chair

Matt truly IS the biggest Vikings fan of all! This is his second Vikings chair. Huge thank you to you, Matt!

Coffee Bean Burlap Bench

Sharon purchased this burlap sack while she was in Hawaii and requested a custom bench to be created around it. Thanks, Sharon!

Sassy Cheetah Velvet Bench

This beauty went to a burlesque performer and gets to live it's life on stage. Thank you, Scarlette!

Dream Big Accent Rocker

Thank you, Chase, for having this beautiful piece custom made for your wife!

Chair-akeet Accent Chairs

These two adorable chairs were adopted by a wonderful family for their new sun room. Thanks, Brower Family!

Custom Camera Chair

Custom piece for a client in Missouri. Thank you, Ashley!

Punky Pin Up Girl Chair

Custom piece for a client in North Dakota to give to his girlfriend. Thanks a bunch, Andy!

Burlap Barrel Chair

This chair was purchased at a showcase event by my client for his wife. Way to go, Chase!

Minnesota Loving Chair

This chair was purchased by a client of mine at an art show in Wayzata. Thank you, Jeff!

Turquoise and Copper Settee

This beautiful settee came from a funeral parlor, and was also purchased by Jeff in Wayzata.

Cocao Bean Suitcase Chair

This chair went off to live in Oklahoma and was purchased by my client, Missy. Thank you!

Hand Painted Unicorn Chair

Easily my most popular chair style, this chair was selected for a little girl in Louisiana. Lucky Girl!

Velvet Merlot Wine Barrel Chair

This chair was a door prize for the Wine Knot event, and went home with a very happy winner!

MN Vikings Barrel Chair (with Cup Holders)

Call yourself the ULTIMATE FAN? Think again. That title goes to Matt, with his custom fan chair.

"Eye-tittude" Accent Chair

This awesome chair went to the office of an eye doctor. How fitting, Dr. Tom!

Olive Floral Velvet Chaise

How gorgeous is this sitting area! Great style, Mel!

Orange Poppy Davenport

This beautiful sofa found a new home with a violin teacher. Great style, Carlin!

Black Patchwork Sofa

Such a fantastic piece deserves to life a fantastic life! This sofa went to a swanky tattoo parlor. Thank you, Ryan!