You Are Why I Do What I Do

How You Helped Green Thumb Etc.

Become A Reality

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our custom accent furniture, knows they are getting a one-of-a-kind piece, worthy of gracing any home across the country.

Ashley Green
Green Thumb Etc. CEO

Before I created Green Thumb Etc

I spent a lot of time hanging out at home. My kids would go to bed, and I would watch old reruns of 90’s sitcoms and eat less-than-healthy snacks, feeling like I should be doing more with my time. It is a gift, after all.

Then one day

inspiration happened. I had an itch to create a custom piece of furniture for my home. I had a cute table, and I needed a chair to go with it. My dream was that someday, my kids would use that space to do their homework, or I would read a saucy novel after hours and drink a tasty beverage under lamplight.

Once I completed it, that itch didn’t go away. I found myself scouring dark alleys for abandoned chairs, rummaging through the fabric bins at the craft stores, and staying up late until my fingers ached, recreating old furniture.

I was concerned

that there wasn’t a market for what I was doing. Why would anyone want to buy MY art? Use MY chairs?

But then I quickly realized that

if I wanted an off the wall chair, perhaps there were other people out there that couldn’t find the perfect piece that reflected their unique styles anywhere else either.

I wasn’t the only one who has a style that is a little left of center.

I decided I would set out to create the most unique, whimsical, and off-the-wall furniture and accent chairs for the most courageous and unique gang of people in the universe. It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.


I needed to find a way to ship my furniture to the universe. I took a few digs on my first few purchases while I was trying to get it right. That, combined with the skeptical energy around me, made me feel like I was destined to fail.

My Growth Started Small.

Too small, so I thought. Everyone else is better / smarter / more organized…blah blah blah, and what if they all think I’m a fake? What if I’m not actually as artistic as I thought I was? What if I run out of ideas? These were the thoughts that would keep me up at night, or on the lulls between projects.

I needed to figure this out.

My gang needed me. I worked with a handful of independent shippers and local businesses to lock down the best shipping options and rates, started using recycled packaging to keep my operating costs down, (in turn keeping costs down for my clients) and silenced the doubt surrounding me. It was all coming together.

Through it all

I released many independent and custom designs for my chairs, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people in my life who have seen something unique and desirable in my work and who have rallied behind me all along the way.

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